TPI Junior Program Info

Hat Classification/Ranking System

TPI uses a ten level hat color system. Hats will be earned in order from red-to-white, to blue-to-green, to black. Very much resembling the teeing system used at most golf courses.

Kids will be evaluated on 7 building blocks or proficiencies and depending on how they perform, they will be placed into a certain hat color. The seven building blocks that will be tested include:

  1. Golf Swing Technical Skills
  2. Shot Making Skills
  3. Course Management/Playing Skills and Performance Statistics
  4. Object Control FMS
  5. Locomotion FMS
  6. Physical Fitness Proficiency
  7. Rules, Etiquette, History, Motion Capture


Each child is placed through a series of tests that are graded with a pass/fail score. Total number of passed proficiencies will determine what hat color the child earns. Each child, regardless of their chronological age, must go through the screening process to optimize their junior golf school experience.

Coaches have the power to screen kids on a regular basis or whenever they feel the child is ready to progress up the ranking system.

TPI Junior Grading Structure - Required Proficiency Levels

The following pages outlines the required proficiency level for each of the caps that make up the grading structure of the TPI Junior Program. We have broken our grading structure down into three levels:


  • Red Hat
  • Red with White Stripe Hat
  • White Hat


  • White with Blue Stripe Hat
  • Blue Hat
  • Blue with Green Stripe Hat


  • Green Hat
  • Green with Black Stripe Hat
  • Black Cap
  • Black with Silver Stripe Hat



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Neil Thompson, 2014 Dixie Section Player Development AwardNeil Thompson, 2017 Ala/NW Florida Section Youth Player Development Award

Director of Instruction is Neil Thompson, recipient of the Alabama/NW Florida Section Teacher of the Year Award in 2011, Player Development Award in 2014 and Youth Player Development Award in 2017

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