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Club fitting is a great skill. Part of the reason the pros perform so well is because they have access to the latest and greatest equipment which has been customized for their techniques. At the Academy we are bringing this technology and experience to you. Using TrackMan, we have the ability to inform you how your clubs are performing, and with access to leading manufacturers we have the ability to fine-tune your equipment.

Let us tell you about some incredible features the TrackMan affords us. We can alter the temperature, altitude, wind conditions, type of ball used, etc. to know how far your shot would have traveled anywhere in the world!

For instance, we could calculate how far a shot hit in Birmingham using a premium range ball in 60 degrees hit into a 10 mph headwind would have carried in, say Florida, at sea level in 70 degress with no wind using a Pro V1.

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Our Club Partners:

Titleist – The Academy is the only Titleist Advanced Fitting Center in Alabama

Mizuno – The Academy is the only “green grass” location for their proprietary performance fitting system in Alabama

TaylorMade – The Academy is pleased to be a Select Fit location

U S Kids – We have a complete selection of demo Ultralight and Tour Series drivers and irons.

Scotty Cameron Putters

Driver Fitting - $90 (One hour)
There are ideal launch and flight characteristics based upon your swing speed. Using the Trackman we can determine this and then hone in on a driver that suits your eye and outperforms anything you have played before.

Fairways Metals & Hybrids - $90 (One hour)
Find the winning combination of maximizing distances while fitting the gap between where your driver ends and where your irons begin. Knowing whether your swing is suited to a fairway metal, hybrid or longer iron will increase your percentage of hitting greens in regulation.

Iron Fitting - $90 (One hour)
The best barometer to determine the caliber of player is how many greens in regulations do they hit in a round of golf. Therefore, it is essential to be playing a properly fit set of irons. Using the data provide by Trackman we can determine the most efficient clubs in your bag customizing clubs through head design, shaft flex, club length, lie angle, grip type and grip size best suited for you. Our goal is to provide you with the best model and specifications for you to knock the pin down!

Wedge Fitting - $90 (One hour)
Using the Titleist Vokey wedge fitting system we can determine the ideal type of wedges to suit your game around the green. We will determine the best lofts and bounce angles for you to perform your best from the sand, rough and around the green. The Trackman will determine how far these wedges fly and are fitted to the correct distances you require for a full shot from the fairway.

Whole Bag Fitting - $200 (2 1/2 hours)
Design a whole bag of clubs that is completely suited to your game, from the driver all the way to your wedges. Using Trackman technology, ensure all thirteen clubs are perfectly suited to your needs for you to perform your best.
**Purchase a minimum of eleven Titleist clubs and receive a free dozen Titleist balls custom-fit to your specs.**

Scotty Cameron Putter Experience - $349 (includes custom fit putter)
Come experience the entire line of Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters. Learn how to choose the right putter to produce the proper stroke and improve your performance on the green. Experience hands-on the two key elements in selecting the proper putter: length and toe flow.

Ball Fitting - Free of charge for any fitting session
Of all the pieces of equipment you play, this is possibly the most important. Find out what ball performs the best for you.


TrackMan Combine: $120
How do you rank at various distances? The Trackman combine pulls no punches. Hit eight shots to targets at 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180 yards and the driver. Chart your average distance from the target, where you rank on a national average, where your strengths and weakness are, and find your best "go to" yardages.

TrackMan Find Your Distances: $120
Let TrackMan help you figure out how far you hit every club in your bag. Know your carry and total distances so you can play your best!


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Neil Thompson, 2014 Dixie Section Player Development AwardNeil Thompson, 2017 Ala/NW Florida Section Youth Player Development Award

Director of Instruction is Neil Thompson, recipient of the Alabama/NW Florida Section Teacher of the Year Award in 2011, Player Development Award in 2014 and Youth Player Development Award in 2017

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